Field + Flow

Type: 2nd Year Architectural Design Studio
Location: School of Architecture, University of Queensland
Year: 2016 (sem 1)
Collaboration: Claire Patterson (research)


Field: A sphere, range or matrix of related things.
Flow: A dynamic force that flows, streams, issues; becomes liquid, melts; abounds, overflows.

Often we think of architecture as the design of a structure placed within a setting, where the object
(architecture) is explicitly distinguished from its surrounds. While we might relate our architecture to
the landscape in which it sits, there is often a distinct boundary that separates the two.

In this studio, we will take an alternative approach and produce an architecture that is landscape as opposed to merely being placed within it.

Zion Ahn, Chloe Chen, Kelly Drenth, Angela Galati, Steve Hsu, Madeleine John, Yun Kim, Millie Lupton, Thomas Matthews, Billy McQueenie, Izzul Mustafa, Merris Ng, Lucy Nicklin, Lara Rann, Malakai Smith, Lachlan Sweet, Kieran Tse, Anny Zhang.